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The 16 startups to watch

It’s amazing what new technology can do today. You can talk to cars, listen to#music with smell, and even eat dessert that will help you lose weight.

Here are the 15 tech startups you need to know about in 2021:


Nuro is an autonomous vehicle tech company building vehicles for local goods transportation. With its R1 prototype vehicles, Nuro helps small businesses provide on-demand service without having to own a larger fleet.


Ro offers an efficient, affordable solution for first responders after a natural disaster by using cloud-connected devices to track critical information like water levels at dams, power outages, or the spread of infections. The company has powered relief efforts in Puerto Rico, India, and Peru, among other countries.


Flowcode provides #software #for #engineering #and #robotics #applications . It works with #C #plus #plus , #Arduino or #Python code to build user-friendly interfaces that work across platforms.

Lyra Health

Lyra Health’s software uses sophisticated algorithms to determine the right mix of therapies for each patient through its easy-to-use patient recovery platform. And it delivers unlimited access to licensed therapists—in person or online–for one monthly fee (regardless of how many sessions you need).


Discord provides software for real-time group communication. It’s designed to help gamers with chat, voice, and messaging tools. According to the company, more than 90 million users spend more than 1 billion hours using its product per month.


Clubhouse has built a platform that makes it easy for developers to collaborate on software projects in real-time. The startup partners with companies like Airbnb, Atlassian, and Lyft to facilitate communication between team members through written notes, video messages, and screen sharing functions.


Therabody uses targeted heating to ease muscle pain and treat inflammation. Its devices can be worn during activity or discreetly beneath clothing like compression garments.

Knowbella Tea

Knowbella Tea has developed a cold brew tea infused with CBD oil (cannabidiol). It comes in four flavors: citron green, lavender lemon honey, turmeric golden milk, and oat Pina colada. The company says it’s non-psychoactive (i.e., won’t get you high), but still relaxing.


Banter is an app for small businesses that want to connect with customers on social media. The makes it easy for businesses to schedule, publish and measure social media updates.

Ava Systems

Ava Systems provides an on-demand logistics platform for businesses. The company’s technology includes driver management (tracking, dispatching), real-time location tracking, shipment routing, changeovers between deliveries and returns, compliance monitoring, and more.


Switchel is a drink that ‘flips’ your body into the fat-burning mode with just two ingredients: filtered water and apple cider vinegar. It’s made by mixing the two together over ice, along with some lemon juice if you want it tart or ginger if you want it spicy.

Club Chica Circle

Club Chica Circle is coming on the market with a line of cannabis-infused, THC-free nail lacquers. Each bottle contains five milligrams of CBD and is free from toxic chemicals found in many other products. It’s currently available to Colorado residents through the state’s medical marijuana registry.

The Cleaning Robot Company

The Cleaning Robot Company has put tiny robotic cleaning machines into a Roomba that do a deep clean on floors throughout your home. Once you set it up, it cleans by itself four or more times per day, vacuuming dirt and debris before suctioning them up with an internal bin.


Micro-Robotics is a robotics company trying to make better hands for prosthetics. Its current model is 3D printed, and the next version will be robotic, with five fingers that it can adjust on the fly to grip different objects—even tiny ones like pencils. It also uses wireless technology to give wearers full control over their own artificial limbs.


Jarvis is a product that allows anyone to create their own smart home. It comes with an app that helps homeowners monitor, control and automate their devices. The company says it’s the first one-button solution for your entire house, though you can also get more detailed by controlling devices individually or programming complex “scenes” (like making sure all of your lights go on when you pull into the driveway).

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