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I’ll tell you how I became a NFT millionaire

I was sitting at my computer wondering what to do,
with all of these useless tokens of which I had a few.
I looked at all of my tokens. They were all unique,
but could I really spend at an online boutique?
That was the problem with non-fungibility.
My tokens had high value, but seemed useless to me.

That’s when it hit me! Non-fungible tokens will make me rich.
If I wanted to be a big spender, I needed a switch,
to find a way to spend these cryptocurrencies.
The best way to spend NFTs is on more NFTs.

So, I started with CryptoKitties (because you can’t beat the classics).
The idea was simple: but the change was very drastic.
With this plan in mind, I went back into my wallet
looked at my Doge and Ethereum or um, whatever you call it.

I came to a realization: “This will never work.”
I needed something traded with a special quirk.
That’s when it hit me, like a stack of cartoon bills,
I started buying digital art from that guy Jaiden Stills.

Oops I mean Stipp, buy on the dip.
When it moons that’ll be a trip.
Now I’ve got a milly, you can do it too.
Just have to know the right thing to do.
Bask in the glory of NFTs:
get high, buy low with cryptocurrencies!

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Thanks for reading!  – Kevin

___________________________________________________________________________ This author is an anonymous copywriter and all of the content in this article (especially the last line) was copied verbatim from an ai. If you enjoyed this article, please share it on Facebook or Twitter now. Thanks!

Inspired by Time Article Teen Artists Are Making Millions on NFTs. How Are They Doing It? by Raisa Bruner.

Photo by 鏡飛 匙 on Unsplash

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