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How to sell your soul to remarketing

We all know that we’re being tracked by digital marketers. In fact, it’s so ubiquitous these days that many people don’t even blink when they see a retargeting ad popping up on their screen or being served to them in their browser. But what most people don’t realize is just how effective remarketing can be for your business if you have the right strategy in place.

In this blog post, I will show you 13 ways to set yourself apart from other brands and create an effective remarketing campaign that will bring new customers to your site every day!

1) Target Your Website Visitors – If someone has visited your website before because they were looking for a gaming console, then there’s a good chance that they’d also be interested in other gaming consoles. By tracking your visitors, you’ll have the opportunity to market future products to them while they’re still around on your site. For example, if someone was looking at a Playstation 4 one day, then the next day that same person is seeing an ad for Xbox One, then it’s safe to say that they are interested in Xbox One as well.

2) Target Your Cart Abandoners – Have you ever visited a website, and then the next day, while browsing online, you saw an ad for the very same website? Or have you ever visited a webstore, added items to your cart, but didn’t check out? Then the next day, while browsing online, you saw an ad featuring the products you left in the cart? Congratulations, some jerk “retargeted” you.

Retargeting your cart abandoners is a great way to remind them that their cart existed and they probably want it – but not at full price! By lowering the prices on your website, you’ll be able to entice them to come back and buy the items they left in their carts.

3) Target Your Webstore Visitors – If someone sees your webstore’s homepage but didn’t follow through with a purchase, then it might be because of one or more of these reasons: They don’t have enough money – Remind them that there are payment plans available for certain products out there! Or better yet, if they were looking at a high-priced item, make sure those products around $100 are right under those products. That way those who can only afford $15 still see the product without having to click on another page. You may not be what they’re looking for – Let’s face it. If you’re selling a product that requires an electric plug to function, there’s a good chance that you won’t be interested in someone from Brazil. In this case, let them know about the products they might be more interested in. I use this strategy for my business and have seen amazing results!

4) Target Your Social Media Followers – People who follow your brand on social media are probably pretty dedicated fans of your business. Why not reward them with some special discounts or limited offers? For example, if someone liked your Facebook page but didn’t purchase anything from it, send them a coupon code for 5% off their first order so they feel special and wanted. Or create a promotion for new only where they get 15% off their first purchase with the code: FIRST15. This will make them feel special and want to share it with their friends, bringing in even more potential customers!

5) Target Your Email Subscribers – Adding your email subscribers to your remarketing campaign can be an easy way to get new leads every day. Of course there’s a fine line between annoying your subscribers and keeping them engaged, so here’s what I suggest: When you add emails to your list, send them a link that has a time limit. For example, if they visit the link within the next 24 hours (or 7 days or whatever period of time you choose), then they’ll get this discount on products X and Y. After some time passes by without any actions taken on the link, remove the email from your remarketing campaign and move onto another strategy.

6) Target Your Social Media Followers – This is pretty much just like step 3, but it works as a different audience as well as a reminder to those who already follow you. So if someone liked your Facebook page about 1 year ago and hasn’t done anything with it since then (no likes, no comments), remind them what they’re missing out on! Run an ad that highlights some of their missed opportunities and encourage them to come back and check out everything the page has to offer now!

7) Target Your Competitors’ Websites Visitors – Whoa there, don’t get too carried away with this one. The idea is to run ads on competitor websites with banners that contain some sort of discounts. This way you’ll attract their visitors without upsetting them, because they’ll view the ad as if it were placed by their own website.

8) Target Your Most Engaged Visitors – You know those people who buy products X and Y regularly? Well, why not target them with ads that highlight new products before everyone else gets to see them? Or create an ad highlighting exclusive deals or limited-time offers that are only available for your most engaged visitors! Both strategies are surefire ways to get your most loyal customers coming back regularly!

9) Target Your Referral Traffic – Perhaps two of your affiliates have sent over a large of referral traffic in the last few months. Why not target them with an ad on either their website or a site they frequently visit? You’ll get your brand in front of more eyes and they’ll be happy that you chose to reward them!

10) Target Your Customers – This is basically what remarketing has been created for. Who doesn’t like seeing ads from businesses based on products they recently purchased, am I right!? Of course, this will only work if the product is still relevant at the time they see your ad. For example, if someone bought a jacket two months ago and now it’s summertime, don’t show them an ad about the jacket and expect to win them back as a customer. Don’t put products in ads unless those products are still relevant to the customer at the time they see your ad.

11) You can Track Everything – The best part about Google Analytics is that it will tell you everything. How often people click on your ads, how many go to your website, what pages they go to, where they end up coming from (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.), and even their demographics like age range and gender! This way you’ll know exactly when to stop running an ad that isn’t giving quality results (i.e., no clicks).

12) Adjust Your Settings Anytime – Have too many people clicking on your ads? No problem! Just adjust your settings in Adwords so fewer people see them. Don’t want men under the age of 40 seeing your luxury purse ads? No need to worry, you can set the targeting however you like.

13) Be Creative – Think outside of the box and be as creative as possible with your remarketing ads. Snap up all those sexy clickbait headlines and use them in your advertisements! Or change the colors on your website so that your ads have a more personalized feel! You can do basically anything to make those visitors say “Hey, I’ve been there before!” Another good idea is to just showcase customer testimonials or highlight some of their positive comments/reviews. It’s a great way for you to brag about how awesome your brand is while making people feel special at the same time.

Ok guys, we’re done here! Let me know if you have any questions or need help setting up your first remarketing campaign. Are you ready to start targeting those jerks who just left your website? Awesome! Time for you to get out there and start making money, hopefully minus the creepy stalking part…

Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash

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