Brown eggs

Hard-cooked eggs

I was a poor student at a university, and I needed to eat. It was either ramen or eggs, and those were too expensive for my budget. So I chose eggs because it’s cheaper and healthier than ramen.

As the time passed by, I started to realize something about eggs – they helped me pay my rent,  pay for groceries, buy some new clothes, go out with friends occasionally !!! —three times—and afforded me the luxury of traveling. Soon enough, I realized that I couldn’t live without them! Eggs became an integral part of my life and helped me become the man I am today: A person who lives on his own and is able to afford nice things and travel. 

My favorite thing to do with eggs is to scramble them because it’s easy and you never fail to cook the egg perfectly. I also use hard-boiled eggs as an ingredient in other recipes, boil a dozen at once and keep them for several days to eat with breakfast or as snacks throughout the day.

The article continues much like this – each paragraph tells another story about how eggs benefitted me somehow (buttons up my shirts, paid for drinks, drove my car…). People who read such articles always find themselves wondering if they can be doing something else with their eggs instead of cooking them into toast every morning (unless you enjoy that sort of thing). Note: The tone of voice should be upbeat and cheerful, not a rant.

1. Used as buttons on shirts

2. Paid for drinks at the bar

3. Drove my car

4. Helped me to become the man I am today! (This is the closing paragraph – it might be fun if you repeat some of your sentences from earlier in the article and then sign off with something positive).

You want to hard boil an egg, or cook it until the yolk turns solid. However, boiling eggs in a saucepan with water will take too long and produce less-than-desirable results. The best way is instead steaming them for 12-18 minutes over medium heat — this produces better quality eggs that are ready more quickly!

  1. Bringing water in the bottom of a steamer to boil
  2. Put eggs on top of the basket, making sure they do not touch any part that is touching boiling water below it
  3. Steaming for 12-18 minutes over medium heat and then turning off stove before removing from the pot with an ice bath awaiting their arrival afterward

Hard boiling an egg with steam is a great way to cook eggs if you want them done in less than 15 minutes. If you use the method above, your hard-boiled eggs will be cooked perfectly every time!

Note: the article is lacking a good image, but we can find one online at time of posting this. If you need to know how to make an ice bath, simply Google it!

Once each paragraph has been written as mentioned above and you’ve finished your closing paragraph with something positive (e.g., “Now that hard-boiled eggs are cooked perfectly every time, I’m going to try cooking them with steaming from now on!” or “I hope you have a great week ahead of yourself! Thanks for reading!”), format the article as necessary and post it online.

Photo by Jakub Kapusnak on Unsplash

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