10 types of people who like lists [ Part 1 ]

People from all walks of life enjoy lists. Mother’s planning the week’s grocery trip, Craig, Santa, and Schindler are just the tip of the iceberg.

Types of people who like lists:

  1. People who are chickens with their own opinions.
  2. People whose last name is ‘Yahoo.’
  3. The ones that have to do everything first because they know it will be on the list twice. They are also keenly aware of how long said list actually is. And if you shorten it by 1 syllable, one number ahead…watch out! They’ll notice and count along with each word you say until they get to your mistake or catch up to themselves. You will NOT win this game! Runaway! Runaway!
  4. People named ‘Jane.’
  5. Lawyers. They are the only ones who are bothered by items 1 to 4. You can actually hear them grumbling, “Where’s your credibility? Where’s your documentation?”
  6. The ones that always need to know why something is on said list you’re making. Or, they want to make a new list but it has nothing to do with anything you wanted it for in the first place and now you both have lists…which makes no sense so just stop talking already. What’s next…two lists clashing with one another? Is this what we’ve come too!? I’m done!
  7. Richard Simmons types. This person needs nothing more than the motivation of a list for their goal to be complete. They are already on the journey of self discovery, they just need more of an edge…a little bit more of a push…something to get them started on their way. And believe me, there is no shortage of courage in that person!
  8. These people will come up with lists that have nothing to do with anything you’ve ever done or plan on doing. Such as: top 5 reasons why I love my cat/dog, favorite male super heroes (if you’re not into this kind of stuff at all)…ya know; completely off-the-wall nonsense. But don’t bother asking them if they really want to make it about Blackberry jam because they now think they’ve got a chance to win you over. It’s too late for that now. You’re going to have to work it out on your own time…in a different setting…
  9. The ones who use lists as a blog post headline. But not all lists are bad, mind you. Some can be quite entertaining and just downright silly! Like this one: Types of people who like lists! See!? And I’m sure your favorite list includes at least one item from each bullet point mentioned above so quit complaining about how boring this article is already and get reading!

What? You think I should have put all this in a numbered list? Is that what you were looking for? Well here ya go: People from all walks of life enjoy lists.

So there! Are you still looking for a number 10? Perhaps we could include the people who read this list and left to go start their own! Have fun and be safe!!

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