10 types of people who like lists [ Part 2 ]

Do you like lists? Of course, you do! You’re here reading this list. Here we present to you 10 types of people who are even more crazier about lists than you are.

From A-Z they are:

  • 8 Runner – These are the type of people who have lists for their New Year’s Resolutions every January 1st, but yet never finish them because by February there’s a new list for this year. The goal is always within reach if only they work hard enough… But once summer comes around these runners quickly forget about all those things they wanted to accomplish and focus on tanning since the weather permits it.
  • 5 Procrastinator – Some people are born early birds, while some others are night owls… Then there are the ones who just hate getting up in the morning at all costs. But that doesn’t stop them from hitting the pillow early because they have nothing better to do after a long day of procrastinating work or homework. By putting it off during the last minute these people show everyone how busy they truly are with their abnormal daily schedule of doing nothing all day and then pulling an all-nighter before handing in their assignment without any sleep .
  • 4 Collector – These are typically older kids or teenagers, but not always! They love collecting anything they can get their hands on, no matter what anyone else says about it. They might spend all day, every day running around their neighborhood looking for the perfect item to add to their collection. It’s a problem and they don’t realize it… But who cares? They’ll remember these days as the good old times when they were out there collecting all those ‘treasures’ because now they’re just lame adults with no responsible hobbies, but at least they have all those little trinkets kept safe in a box somewhere!
  • 9 Giver – There is nothing more satisfying than giving a gift to someone you love or just someone who needs it. This person thrives on making other people happy, and no matter how much the gift costs, they try to find the perfect one that will ‘wow’ their friends.
  • 1 Athlete – Finally, this list wouldn’t be complete without the athlete . These people have been spending years practicing their sport! They’ve always dreamed about going pro, but for now they’re just having fun living in the moment… But don’t get them wrong: training is a big part of it too. After all, if you want to be the best at something then you need to work hard and practice over and over again until you succeed. It’s not work though, because doing sports is fun!
  • 7 Nature lover – These are the people that try to save everything they see. They feel bad for killing ants, mosquitoes, trees… Plants are lovely creatures if you don’t look too deep into it. But still, these people abhor deforestation and love animals, no matter how big or small they are.
  • 6 Prankster – A new prank is coming soon! It’s going to be epic and their friends will never guess what they’ve done. The anticipation is growing as they wait until the right moment to spring the surprise on their unwitting victims. That’s when their timing is perfect and all those years of practice finally pay off… Well now everyone knows about their pranking ways so there goes the element of surprise out the door and no more funny pranks.
  • 10 Over-achiever – Having trouble keeping up with your colleague who is always one step ahead of you? It might be time for a simpler method to keep track on how well both of your projects are doing. Even if it means making an Excel sheet for it so that everything is factually correct and easy to read… This person will definitely make a list.
  • 3 Writer – These people love everything that has anything to do with words: writing them, reading them and then re-reading them over and over again and again until it sounds exactly like what they want to convey to the world. There isn’t much more to life as a writer! For them, it’s like living the ultimate dream as they spend day and night writing their little hearts out on anything they can get their hands on.
  • 2 Traveler – These people love exploring new places and cultures; sleeping in, eating exotic foods and meeting new interesting people… But there’s more to traveling than just having fun: it also gives travelers a sense of purpose and fulfillment about learning the culture first-hand instead of studying it from books or hearing about it from friends. They wish everyone could travel with them around the world because then we’d all understand that there is so much more than just one tiny planet full of humans fighting over land and resources!

These are 10 types of people who like lists!

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