10 types of people who like lists [ Part 1 ]

People from all walks of life enjoy lists. Mother’s planning the week’s grocery trip, Craig, Santa, and Schindler are just the tip of the iceberg. Types of people who like lists: People who are chickens with their own opinions. People whose last name is ‘Yahoo.’ The ones that have to do everything first because they […]

Effective communication is good, but how can you get a job by playing hard to get?

You don’t have to be a great communicator, you just have to convince your interviewer. However, there are different types of interviews for different companies and oftentimes they require playing hard to get. Whether you want to play hard to get or not here are 20+ neat communication skills for a resume that will help […]

I’ll tell you how I became a NFT millionaire

I was sitting at my computer wondering what to do,with all of these useless tokens of which I had a few.I looked at all of my tokens. They were all unique,but could I really spend at an online boutique?That was the problem with non-fungibility.My tokens had high value, but seemed useless to me. That’s when […]